Best bag for HEMA

If you’re a HEMA event junkie like me, then you need a bag that can fit all your protective equipment, a few of swords and or sabers, a few pairs of socks and undergarments (tights, rashguard etc.) so you can easily travel with your gear be it by car or by plane.

I’ve bought the PBT Historical Fencing roll bag in 2018 and it has been my faithful travel companion at many events as well as for day-to-day training and I love it.


  • Lots of storage space! I’ve managed to fit inside 7 swords and all the protective equipment of two people, except the masks, those went into a separate bag.
  • It is small enough that you can take it as regular baggage on most airlines, no need for extra tax for sports bag
  • Wheels – roll around anywhere
  • Hard back for extra protection of the weapons inside
  • Sturdy stitching on the handles and zippers, in 6 years of use it is as good as new


  • Price is high
  • Due to its large size it might not fit in small cars trunks, you would need to fold the back seat
  • Backpack straps are not the greatest but you can still carry it fairly comfortably on short distances. Wouldn’t recommend it on a 10 km walk though

Here’s a video of packing all my protective equipment after training in less than 2 minutes.

To sum it up, it is an investment that will serve you for years of practice if you take care of it and you will be able to comfortably carry your gear anywhere.